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We are usually quite busy here at Custom Inflatables when we are not out enjoying a river trip.  But, we have a little time to show you around here and give you a feel for where we handcraft our inflatable kayaks and rafts. To REALLY understand Custom Inflatables, you have to learn about Attila Szilagyi and the history of how he became such a renowned expert.

Our shop in Reedsville, West Virginia is where the magic is born (and duckies hatch!)…

Our shop is located by the historic town of Arthurdale, West Virginia which was championed by Eleanor Roosevelt for families who would become self-sufficient in spite of the whims of the coal industry. Arthurdale is still an active community with the original houses now restored and still homes for proud West Virginians. We are pleased to be members of such a cool community.


And if you know Custom Inflatables,  you know ‘Big Hands’ George Ulrich! The Glue room is where George works a lot. Here we do all our gluing and cleaning. All the boats that leave our shop, whether repairs or brand spanking new are cleaned up real nice!


Buff Room

We also get as lot of use out of our buffing room. Here we carefully prep all the glue joints and the places where all the names and hulls get painted with highly durable urethane.  This prep has to be perfect and we inspect it carefully before we move on with your project!


OK-  We know you want to see another picture of our famous ThrillSeeker inflatable white water kayak.  The bottle holder in the adjustable foot brace and thigh strap kits come standard with every ThrillSeeker!


We also have a room where we do our marking, cutting and welding. A lot of very careful work gets done here.  We keep it really clean, but not really neat.

And we have a massive room where we do our urethane painting.  We do a lot of them because it really adds value to the boat because it extends the life of the raft so much. We can even urethane rafts we repair or ones from other manufacturers.


The coolest thing in our shop though is the workers. They actually love it here because Attila grants everyone a good measure of independence and flexible scheduling.  And we love to boat!  Mostly white water! So… our cause is to get as many people as possible in the best inflatables in the world.  We take a lot of pride in our work and it shows.  Our company floats on the quality of our work and fully supports our customers,  even to the point of custom designing boats for them.  We are on a mission, yours maybe?