Thrillseekers are state-of-the-art inflatable kayaks.  They are even custom sized to the owner’s body size!  There are also size variables relating to the tube size so you can dial in the density of boat you are looking for.  They feature adjustable footbraces with a drink holder.


Lengths, widths, tube size, and weight range according to Your ergonomics and desires.


Do you need or deserve the best?  Look no further.  We are at your service.

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Thrillseeker’s unique shape have a distinctive beauty.  But the real magic in the Thrillseeker’s performance is in the hull.  The way it’s  shaped brings a good amount of tracking to the boat, but also the ability to do fine-tuned steering by ‘heeling’ the boat on it’s edge.

See, the Thrillseeker hull is different from others.  Firstly because  they feature a sophisticated sideview profile which feathers the hull  into the water so you don’t hit “corners” of your hull on rocks like you do in so many other inflatable kayaks.



Our original and unique “Softube Suspension System” is structurally and functionally different and better than standard fare inflatable kayak floors. The Softube Suspension System actually creates a  hollow between the tubes, delivering a catamaran like performance.  If  you were to swim underwater and look at a Thrillseeker hull while someone was sitting in it, you would see how the hull dents up in the  middle. This is a big deal. It allows you to run nubby rocks right under the center of the hull. That’s why Thrillseekers are often a choice of top  steep creekers who like to “ELF” boat (Extremely Low Flow).


Steep Freak

Many steep first descents have been accomplished with Thrillseekers. ELFers know that you often run into nubby rocks right in your way.  With the Thrillseeker Softube Suspension System, they go right under your boat without slowing  you down.  That means you can get your center of gravity closer to given perimeters and hedge your bets on a lot of tight technical steep creeking, or even big rivers at low water, one of the best kept secrets in the whitewater world.


One Tough Mother

And they are tough,  we crash into stuff all the time on creeks and the Thrillseeker is like having a padded cell when the going gets crazy.

We KNOW these are highly enjoyable boats.  If you would like to demo one,  come out and borrow Attila’s.  These are the best inflatable  kayaks in the world.  They give the highest performance.  One of our  favorite employees, Jim Snyder, says the Thrillseeker is his favorite  boat of all time,  and he’s designed over 70 kayaks over the last 30 years!


T4-2 Our ThrillSeeker for two people


Custom Sized

length: 14.5 feet”

width: 34 -37 inches

tube size: 11 -12inches

weight: 36~40 lbs.



Do you need or deserve the best?  Look no further.  We are at your service.

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Note: you will have to enter the deposit amount you would like to pay.

Color Options for all PVC boats

(see Photo Gallery for ideas)

  • Tubes -We always recommend White for the tubes – it has the best heat and ultra violet resistance.
  • Trim (floor and tips) is your next choice
  • Accents (straps in tie downs, handles) is your final color option.
  • Graphics or additional colors are also available on all of our inflatable kayaks and rafts and quoted upon request.


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