ThrillKat jr

The ThrillKat jr is a mid-size ThrillKat for mid-sized paddlers, from 90 – 140 lbs. It is big enough for young people but light enough for Grandma to carry her own boat to the beach! The excellent tracking serves well for long stretchs of flatwater and breezy days on the lake or river.

And they pack so small,  you could store one in your closet.

The catamaran type hull brings all the advantages of the popular catamaran racing sail boats, real speed and tracking!



Maximum optimal weight: 140 lbs.
length: 8 feet 6 inches
width: 32 inches
tube size: 10.5 inches
weight: 16 lbs.

Pay Deposit (50%)

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Color Options for all PVC boats

(see Photo Gallery for ideas)

  • Tubes -We always recommend White for the tubes – it has the best heat and ultra violet resistance.
  • Trim (floor and tips) is your next choice
  • Accents (straps in tie downs, handles) is your final color option.
  • Graphics or additional colors are also available on all of our inflatable kayaks and rafts and quoted upon request.