Thriller Deluxe

The Thriller Deluxe goes beyond the Classic Thriller. Swim in Entry!! Yes, are you tired of having to climb up over tubes to get back into a boat? With this craft, you can swim in the back, grab the rope and easily climb back into the boat. Toe cups for easy positioning and stability in the boat. Kneel and/or sit through the rapids.

The Thriller Deluxe has many options, find out how we can build yours.   Available in 2 or 4 person models.

‘Standard’ Model Features and Specs:

  • 19 ½” diameter – 12 foot long round tubes
  • Swim In Entry:
    • Floor: 3” Drop Stitch 40” long, 33” wide
    • Bar: 3” Drop Stitch 17” long, 60” wide
    • Bench:   3” Drop Stitch 28” long, 60” wide with 8” raise
  • Full water line Urethane wear pad
  • 2 toe cups
  • 4 Carry Handles
  • 8 Three Finger Handles
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • We are Custom Inflatables so we can change any of these above standard features based on your needs.

Price: $2,700.00

Do you need or deserve the best?  Look no further.  We are at your service.

Pay Deposit (50%)

Note: you will have to enter the deposit amount you would like to pay.

Color Options for all PVC boats

(see Photo Gallery for ideas)

  • Tubes -We always recommend White for the tubes – it has the best heat and ultra violet resistance.
  • Trim (floor and tips) is your next choice
  • Accents (straps in tie downs, handles) is your final color option.
  • Graphics or additional colors are also available on all of our inflatable kayaks and rafts and quoted upon request.


Thriller Add Ons:

Cup Holders  $35.00 each
Cushy Handles $40.00 each
Wave Ramp $225.00 for Thriller Classic
Graphics Quoted when artwork submitted
Tie Downs  $15.00 each
Three Finger Handles $20.00 each
Carry Handles $25.00 each
2” Stainless Steel D-Rings  $40.00 each
1” Stainless Steel D-Rings  $30.00 each
Toe Cups  $50.00 each
Spare Paddle Holder (w/o cam straps)  $60.00 each
Heel Blocks  $60.00 set of 2
Strip of Holes (for cargo attachment)  $25.00 per foot


Call Us Today and Lets Get Your Thrills Started!

We can answer any technical questions you might have regarding inflatables.  Or give you any information you might need to choose among our world-class designs.  Thanks for your interest!

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