Thrillseekers are custom sized for the owner, so it is best to call us!

To order just call 1-800-673-3537 (800-6SEEKER) or email attila@tseeker.com

Ordering a Custom Inflatable is a simple procedure.  But keep in mind that we never stock inflatable kayaks or rafts.  We make them on a per order basis for each customer- so there is a small wait time while we handcraft one for you. It might be a good idea to call or email Attila first and discuss your needs to make sure we are making the best product for your needs.  Our sophisticated designs always handle well, but some do better for speed on windy days and some do better on steep creeks and white water. Thrillseekers are custom sized for the owner.


A free consultation is is the best way to nail down all the details.

Call 1-800-6SEEKER (673-3537) and talk with Attila or email him at attila@tseeker.com . He would love to hear about your dreamboat anytime during regular (east coast) business hours.


Decide which design...

best serves your needs and make your color and sizing choices!  If you need to, we do free consulting and design work on any models you are interested in.



We need a 50% deposit on your boat before we ink you into the schedule. At that point we will contact you with a projected due date, but generally it takes ~ 4-6 weeks on a ThrillSeeker (a bit longer in April through June). There is also a prepay discount.

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Note: you will have to enter the deposit amount you would like to pay.


About a week before your boat is completed we will contact you so you can send the balance due and shipping charges.



We have an excellent record of finishing projects on time.  Once your balance due is received we will promptly ship your new best boat in the world!


The information we need...

besides the facts like address (email and ship to), phone number and how you heard of us. We’ll need some personal information for:

  • ThrillSeeker orders: Height; Weight; Width of your hip bones (place a yard stick at 90 degrees to a wall, sit on the yard stick with one hip bone touching the wall, measure out to the other hip (remember to account for trim on a wall) most folks will be between 13″-16″; Heel block placement (sit on the yard stick (taller folks should use a tape measure) with  butt snuggly against the wall with knees bent in a comfortable paddling position, note the measurement where your heels touch the floor) most folks will be between 34″ and 42″. and of course your color choices.
  • ThrillKat orders: Height; Weight and of course your color choices.
  • Raft orders: Tube size, width of raft, number of: main air chambers, thwarts(cross tubes), D-rings, handles and toe cups.

Thanks for your interest in out superbly handcrafted kayaks and rafts!

If you would like to make a payment click the button below and enter the amount at paypal checkout:



Note: you will have to enter the deposit amount you would like to pay.