Inflatable Kayaks

This is by no means a complete list of what we can do or have done. Keep in mind that Custom is our first name and your smile is our goal. We consider all our orders custom so call us with your wants and needs.

Inflatable kayaks- also known universally as ‘duckies’- offer a lot of benefits.

They are more packable than plastic kayaks- and store in a smaller space as well.  And they can be custom designed to have more speed or maneuverability- whatever you please.

The ThrillSeeker is our signature state-of-the-art inflatable kayak. See what makes it so sweet!

ThrillSeeker-top-veiw-ovalTThe Thrillseeker series is very famous for pioneering steep creek runs in West Virginia-  class V runs of 200- 500 feet per mile and even steeper!  It is the ultimate in whitewater inflatable kayaks and is often preferred for ELF runs (Extremely Low Flow) as it handles the whumpity bumps of low water much better than hard plastic kayaks do.  And the danger of entrapment is much lower than it would be in a hardshell kayak.  It is also one of the sweetest rides on the planet-  we promise!

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ThrillKats are designed to be stable and friendly to beginners

ThrillKatTNThe ThrillKat series is a big commercial hit as it provides a super stable ride in a light compact package.  They can also be up-scaled enough to make them an awesome fast lake camping trip boat.  Lighter and more packable than a canoe!  ThrillKats track enough to make going straight easy for people who aren’t used to steering.  And they are fast enough to make flatwater no chore.

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SuperDucks have been thrilling riders for 25 years.

superduckTNThe SuperDuck is made for outfitters running Class III/IV whitewater that want their customers to have a safe and fun experience in an easy-to-handle boat. SuperDucks offer the maximum legal rocker in a boat! Well- seriously- if you are looking for a boat with rocker- this one has plenty.  What does rocker do for you?  It gets you through sloppy holes better and surfs small waves better than flatter hulled boats do.  And they boof off steep drops when creeking automatically.

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ThrillSeeker Squirt!




A ThrillSeeker out on the water with a few of our rafts



Color Options for all PVC boats

(see Photo Gallery for ideas)

  • Tubes -We always recommend White for the tubes – it has the best heat and ultra violet resistance.
  • Trim (floor and tips) is your next choice
  • Accents (straps in tie downs, handles) is your final color option.
  • Graphics or additional colors are also available on all of our inflatable kayaks and rafts and quoted upon request, see Custom ordering.