Better Rides by Design!

Thanks for visiting! You have found a great assortment of inflatable boats, including rafts and kayaks, designed to optimize your enjoyment of white water, flat water…anywhere you enjoy paddling. Your smile is our goal.

Introducing: The Thriller!

The Thriller is the newest craft in the Custom Inflatable’s line of Thrills! It is a ‘side-by-side’ cataraft design.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks- also known universally as ‘duckies’- offer a lot of benefits. 

They are more packable than plastic kayaks- and store in a smaller space as well.  And they can be custom designed to have more speed or maneuverability- whatever you please.

Urethane Boats

Since 1986, we have been experimenting with this material because of the attributes of the material itself: durable, very abrasion resistant, and light! Two years ago we gave it a try and built a 12 foot self bailing raft with 21 oz. urethane. It has been on Class I-V whitewater and has shown to have adequate abrasion resistance and best of all….weighs only 62 lbs. with thwarts installed.

Hypalon Rafts

Custom Inflatables rafts have a lot of that little ‘extra’ in them, just like our inflatable kayaks.  Extra sweet design, extra tough urethane protecting the hull, extra beautiful aesthetics and craftsmanship, and extra fine rides. Sleek lines, clean craftsmanship, super durable- these are a good choice for commercial white water outfitters wanting to give their customers the best rides.

Used Boats

FYI sometimes we carry used ThrillSeekers that previous owners trade in or re-market. If you want the performance, but don’t need the shiny new look, or don’t have the time to get one built – check out these great deals!


From Bulkheads, I-beams, panel replacement, Urethane wear protection, D-rings, valves or the worlds most comfortable “Cushy” handles we do it all!

Custom Inflatables is ready to give you the best ride of your life!

Silently crossing a misty lake in the early morning to get a rare look into Mother Nature waking up, or harnessing the wild power of cascading waters, we are here for you.  Your ride means everything to us. And we want to serve it up sweet, smooth, and strong- for your paddling pleasure.

Custom Inflatables has been a true innovator in the inflatable boat industry for  twenty five years and we want to bring that experience to benefit YOUR FUN on the water. YOUR JOY…. YOUR MISSION.  Our boats are designed and built by people who also paddle them! We make fun of our work and think you should too.

We make and sell top-shelf inflatables with sophisticated shapes for paddlers who want something much better than the standard fare. And our product line is as diverse as it it is sturdy.  Check our whole line of inflatable boats from our famous  ThrillSeeker inflatable kayak to our innovative and industrial-duty raft designs. Discover why our boats are considered to be the ‘sports cars of the industry’!


Consider investing in the best designs and robust construction which is our hallmark.  More than just selling boats, we sell rides, awesome rides. Can design effect your performance? Can you put a price on a priceless day?  We can make it even more fun! And our Warranty will blow your mind.  We take care of YOU by taking care of your boat.  But the warranty is not the best reason why you should buy a Custom Inflatable. IT’S THE RIDE!

Well- we get a lot of help from Mother Nature.  She puts the glory in our story.  Because it is all about the ride.  We know that, and if you paddle a Custom Inflatable, you will see for yourself how grand the *real* world is. It is like we are building the best sports cars for playing in the best playgrounds in the world.



We would love to design a custom craft for you!

Ordering a Custom Inflatable is a simple procedure. Call 1-800-6SEEKER (673-3537) and talk or email to consult with Attila about your dream boat for white water or flat water anytime during regular business hours.

Note: you will have to enter the deposit amount you would like to pay.